Family dinner with the ladies

Seattle Restaurant week time entails a family dinner. We went to Anthony’s on the Pier at Seattle and they had a great view of the city. For those who are unfamiliar of what Seattle Restaurant week is, it’s where really nice restaurants have great deal full meal of choosing an appetizer, entree, and dessert for $30 and for lunch it’s only $15! Definitely a steal.

One of my friend’s appetizer. They called it ahi tuna nachos. I didn’t realize the nachos would only consist of 2 chips.. Lol, regardless of that, it looked delicious and rest assured they were.

My appetizer – clam chowder. Pretty tasty, but not one of the best I have ever had.

I was pretty satisfied with my entree. Steak and shoe string fries. The fries were quite excellent. Nice addition of the asparagus too.

And creme brulee for dessert. One of my favorite desserts and this one was pretty nice with a nice burnt topping and custard.

A pretty traditional meal for me, but it was a nice dining experience sitting near the kitchen. All in all, a good meal, but I don’t think I would pay full price for what they have to offer. I think I can find similar items at different that taste better, but it was still a fun outing nonetheless.

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2 thoughts on “Family dinner with the ladies

  1. Johnny says:

    What were the nacho chips made out of? Looks like taro root :O

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