Comforting for a Sunday morning

I’ve heard great things about this tiny hole in the wall restaurant, Northwest Tofu. Their style of food is Taiwanese and is the kind of home style cooking that you’re used to. The price is very reasonable and the street parking isn’t too difficult to find a spot since it’s more in Central District.

Green onion pancake.. it was only okay in my opinion. Barely able to finish this!

Chinese donut

Perfect with this soybean soup with goodies. It’s freshly made everyday! 🙂

Rice rolls with bbq pork

Sticky rice with chinese sausages

By far the best dish of the meal. Salt and pepper tofu. It’s a little crispy on the outside but incredibly soft on the inside. It melts in your mouth. This is definitely their signature dish.

We may have ordered a little much… but hey! It was a good experience to try everything. It’s all reasonably priced so all in all it was a good deal. I would definitely try it again and different things. Their menu is pretty large and seems to offer quite a bit.

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