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I have heard about this sushi restaurant from my cousins who live in Beaverton and have been dying to try it. I heard about the HUGE size of the sushi pieces and knew this was the first place I needed to try when I arrived. This is called Saburo’s.. I feel like just keeping this place to myself, but that would be quite selfish… lines are always quite long especially if you have a big party. But I can reassure you, the wait is worth it!!

Deep fried Alaska roll, with some salmon, crab, and other goodies. As you can see compared to the dish, the roll is HUGE

These pieces probably don’t seem that large, but they were indeed quite LARGE. The salmon and eel were by far my favorite

The portions they give are very reasonable for the price.

I would definitely come back again, just for the salmon. I wish I took a picture of how relative the size was compared to my hand. I can’t keep telling you how huge these portions were! I was stuffed and it was all such a good deal. Love love love

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