Late HH at the Lunchbox

I went to the new Lunchbox Laboratory that just opened in Bellevue. Burgers seemed a little overpriced for what you get during normal meal time so we went for happy hour to check it out. (3-6 & 9-close)  I really loved the idea of drinks in a beaker. Being a science nerd myself, I was pretty thrilled with this. On the left is a Reese’s milkshake and on the right is an Oreo milkshake. Reese’s win hands down!

Large serving of tots! They called these “nachos” on the menu. Cheddar jack cheese, green onions, sour cream, and “Satan’s tears ketchup” aka what I thought was siracha. I was pretty satisfied with this one.

“Hot wings” aka wontons filled with cream cheese. This one was alright, probably wouldn’t get it again.

Not sure why they try to confuse the customers with different names from what the food actually was. Items were priced very reasonably, all under 6 bucks. I want to try the Nutelle shake next time along with the Mac and Cheese. I would return, they have quite a few things on their happy hour 🙂 Satisfied for what I got for the price.

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