Cute little piggy

I recently got into UW Pharmacy! Yay. To celebrate, Johnny and I went to Blind Pig Bistro. A new restaurant on Eastlake between U District and downtown. It’s a pretty tiny spot, but there are different portioned dishes you can try and share.

Pork Rillete with squash. The bread was pretty crisp and toasty. Pork rillete was quite fatty and a little bit salty, but the squash balanced that out. Nice starter dish

Risotto with hedgehog mushroom sprinkled with mint. I really liked the mushroom in here, definitely one of my favorites. Again, a tiny bit too salty for my taste. Nonetheless still tasty.

Sturgeon with pine nuts, brussel sprouts, anchovy and currants. This had a really good balance of flavors and the crunch of pine nuts added to the texture. I think this was a great whole dish.

By far, my favorite dish of the night. Flat iron steak with charred eggplant sauce and potatoes. We got the smaller portion, but it certainly was not enough. The outside was done quite nicely because it was somewhat caramelized. Still medium rare on the inside.

What’s great about this place is that their menu is constantly changing and you can check them out on their facebook. I am definitely coming back for the steak and the duck breast was another dish I wanted to try.. so many options!

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