My friend Yuki from Japan came and visited Seattle for 3 weeks. She was staying with me this weekend and I tried to show her a good time! It was a party at the apartment because my cousin and her two friends came also. We met up with my brother for some brunch at Skillet Diner in Capitol Hill. They also have a food truck that has been rated top 10 in the nation!

I thought it was really interesting how the jars were also used as cups. Never seen it used this way before. When I went to NYC last summer, the hostel we stayed at used jars as a way to illuminate light in our room.

This is my friend, Yuki 🙂

I shared this dish with my cousin, Kathy. This was pork belly on 2 eggs with a cornmeal waffle. There was not enough pork belly on this… it was really tender and there was a nice mixture of sweet and savory for the waffle dish.

I got the burger with their specialty of bacon jam. It came with blue cheese and arugula. Also came with some regular fries. The burger was alright. Not the best I have ever had. I did not really taste the bacon jam either.. how unfortunate.

Yuki’s dish. She got house made biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. I had a bite of hers and it was pretty heavy from the start. Filling and I get the feel of comfort food.

My brother’s! Daily skillet scramble came with a salad. Scramble of eggs, bacon, and that green mush on top is avocado. He personally requested it on top of his toast. Looks pretty tasty.. I did not get a bite because he devoured it.

Last but definitely not least! Poutine! Fries with cheese and gravy. The only downside to this was that they were a little bit too crispy and hard so it made it difficult to bite. Otherwise, they would have been delicious.

Skillet – the wait was really long especially with 6 of us. We had to wait about half an hour and basically you just chill outside. They’re nice though and have a table with coffee for you to sip on as you freeze. Unfortunately, they don’t take any reservations. Come in a small group and you’ll definitely get seated faster. It’s worth a try!

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