NYC – Mix of Cuban and Chinese

I thought I would combine this post because I only took a couple of pictures from these two meals. I know I’m still blogging about my NYC trip, but there is just so much food I need to share! I have been well on my way taking lots of pictures this past few weeks from Seattle Restaurant Week. Sorry I have been a little MIA, I have been busy with school and applying to Pharmacy schools!

Now to some food! My brother recommended this small Cuban restaurant called Cafe Habana, which was actually pretty close to where we stayed, the Bowery House (an upscale hostel). Luckily I just went with my friend, Carol, because it definitely does not accommodate large groups.

The best tasting grilled corn… ever. I ordered this appetizer and it came with two. Carol didn’t even want to eat it because she’s not a huge fan of corn on the cob, but she also fell in love with it. There was such a great mixture of secret spices, grated cheese, sour cream, etc that it added to the flavor of the corn. It was very messy, but well worth it.

This is what I ordered. It was a Cuban roast pork sandwich, similar to the style of Paseo sandwiches in Fremont. I liked this one because the bread was much easier to eat. The fries were also nice, not too salty. I am a fan of soggy fries compared to crunchy ones. Overall, the meat was very tender.

Carol ordered this. They were the grilled pork tacos with pineapple juice, cilantro, pepper, house salsa, which came with beans and rice. I got a small bite of this and it was not bad either.
Cafe Habana was a great choice for a small intimidate with my friend Carol. It was small and the food was filling, especially the corn. I would just go there to eat the corn…

The next day, we went to Joe Shanghai in Chinatown. They are known for their soup dumplings, so we got 3 batches of it among 6 of us! I have had soup dumplings when I went to Shanghai this past summer, so I knew the technique to eat it. You did not want to bite right into it otherwise you would get squirted with hot soup! These were okay, not the best I have had, but it was warm on a cold day.

I probably liked this better than the soup dumplings. I really like rice cakes! It’s not so popular here 🙁 This dish is very similar to chow fun with Mongolian beef, except with rice cakes. Same rice material, just a little thicker. I really enjoyed this dish and the added mushrooms were a nice taste.
We had to go to Joe Shanghai, it is one of the most popular places in Chinatown to eat! It was interesting because they put us at a large table where we had to share it with 2 other groups. So just a warning, if you go there, you might be sitting with strangers! But it’s all in good fun, you’re all in it for the food. 🙂

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