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My friend, Tia, worked in New York all summer and she always mentioned Shake Shack. It’s a chain fast food restaurant, but there was definitely one thing not fast about them – the lines. Every Shake Shack I saw in NYC had a line, especially the one in Madison Square Garden. The line wrapped around this one area and it seemed like at least an hour wait. We went to the one near Wall Street/Brooklyn bridge area.

Check out this burger! What is that brown, deep fried goodness that is on top of that cheesy patty? That is a deep fried portobello mushroom. “Shack Stack,” small diameter, but it is enormously tall. You had to squeeze it to actually take a bite!

Cheese fries! It was Shack cheddar and American cheese. The cheese tasted like the kind of cheese you would put on nachos. It would have been perfect if it had some bacon bits in it…

This wasn’t mine.. but I thought I’d show you something out of the ordinary that they serve. This is frozen custard!! Sort of like ice cream, but a little richer and creamier. Vanilla custard with shortbread or peanut butter? Not entirely sure.

The burger hit the spot though. It could have used a little bit more vegetables because it was pretty cheesy. Overall, delicious.

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