NYC – Dinner and dessert

This was still the first day of New York, but we went all out 🙂 We went to S’mac, which is Sarita’s Mac & Cheese. A little place that is continually crowded. Then we headed over to this nearby bakery for some delicious desserts.

All 4 we got. These were “nosh” sized, but don’t be deceived by how small they look. (By the way, nosh was the smallest size) It was really filling with all the cheese.

I got the Alpine, which consisted of swiss cheese, gruyere (another type of cheese), and bacon. A friend got Cajun – cheddar, pepper jack, andouille sausage, green pepper, onions, celery, garlic and cajun seasoning. Another friend got Buffalo chicken – cheddar and american cheeses with boneless chicken wing pieces and buffalo wing sauce. I don’t remember what my other friend ordered, but I’m sure it was good!

On to dessert! We went to Veniero’s. This is what I got! A trio of tarts – raspberry, blueberry, and chocolate chips.

Pyruvian… puff cake? Not sure what it was called, but it had a whole lot of cream!

Chocolate shell with vanilla ice cream with strawberries inside, yum…

Zuppa inglese – what they’re actually known for. Golden sponge cake soaked in Caribbean rum layered with vanilla and chocolate custard, iced with buttercream and almonds. (This was featured on Food Network!)

What a great day of food! S’mac was quite heavy with all the cheese, but satisfying. Desserts definitely made us go on a sugar high, but were so worth it. It was a nice little cafe that you could come and enjoy desserts or take out. Lots other pastries not pictured.

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