Burger galore

I got a Restaurant.com coupon for Built a Burger. My friend wrote a pretty good review for it on yelp and I thought I’d try it out. We practically ordered a little bit of everything from the menu. It is located a block away from Pioneer Square.

They always change up the bottom right corner

The bf. He thinks he’s really cool, but he’s really nerdy.

This was mine! I got the pork belly burger. The patty even had some bacon in it. Caramelized onions, bacon, cheese, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. I had to take two bites to eat it width wise. The bun was pretty different from anything I’ve ever had before.

Potato beignets. We only ate a couple, we were so full.. it was a bit starchy

Another side dish. Pastrami burger with coleslaw, which my bf thought was amazing. Also the sweet potato fries with sweet chili sauce. Yum

Johnny’s burger, which was bbq pork and cole slaw. That was only okay.

Dessert! (See, we literally got a little bit of everything. The coupon was a great buy). Warm bread pudding with a surprise of chocolate chips! Yum.


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