Late night food

Johnny came up this past weekend and you know what that means! Going out to eat some delicious food. 🙂 I got off work on Friday and we decided to go to Brave Horse Tavern at South Lake Union, another Tom Douglas owned restaurant. At first impression, it seemed like the place to be on a late weekend night. You have to be 21 to go in late.. they card you right at the door. It was pretty loud and you seat your self. There were quite a few large tables in rows meant for sharing. There were also 2 shuffle board tables that looked pretty fun as well!

I got the hand dipped corn dogs served with siracha mayo, onion mustard, and curry ketchup. You can tell the sausage was pretty gourmet because it was tender and had a good texture. The corn part was also crunchy, but not to the point that it made it difficult to eat, nomnom.

Johnny got the smoky bbq beef brisket with horseradish slaw in a toasted hoagie. I took quite a few bites from it and it was pretty good. The meat was very tender and the bbq sauce had some alcohol, probably whiskey in it that was pretty surprising.

As we were leaving, we ran into my brother and his group of friends. Small world! Haha, he declared it his hang out spot.

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