Goodbye Carlo :(

It was last Tuesday that we went to Indo Cafe in Northgate for Carlo’s going away dinner. He moved to California this past weekend to work at Google (how awesome is that! I hear they have delicious food there too). I was excited to try some Indonesian food with an Indonesian expert 🙂

Carlo was sooo nice, he treated us to 3 different appetizers! They were all equally delicious and different.

This was Bakwan Jagung – Indonesian corn fritter, aka crunchy goodness!

Inside of the corn fritter… crunchy on the outside and soft filling with corn on the inside.

Tempe Mendoan – deep fried soybean cake in Javanese batter, which was served with spicy sweet soy sauce. (It’s actually Javanese, not Japanese… I made the same mistake when I was reading the menu)

3rd appetizer, can’t believe you Carlo! When I saw this though, all I thought about was peanut sauce!! I love peanut sauce. This is called Sate Ayam, which is chicken skewers bathed in peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce.

This was what I ordered. It’s Bakmi Goreng Jawa, Javanese style egg noodles, stir fried with vegetables and tofu! I love noodles too, so this definitely hit the spot.

This was what some of the guys ordered, Ayam Cabe Ijo, I think it was called. It’s super spicy chicken topped with green chili sauce, corn fritter, vegetables and rice. I didn’t try it because I didn’t want to kill my mouth in spiciness 🙁

This was Susie’s dish, which I think was Bakwan Malang – mix of wonton, tofu, and meatballs. It’s a soup noodle dish served with light broth. I didn’t try it either, but it looked pretty appetizing.

This was Tia’s dish that everyone loved, Nasi Gila Menteng. It was stir-fried chicken, sausage, and beef meatballs in their “special sauce” topped over rice. I couldn’t stop picking from her food.. and neither could Justin.

I know this isn’t food, but I had to make a special exception for Carlo. We will certainly miss you, <3 HTC

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